SyntaxPen offers several technical content marketing services, each designed to help your business catch the attention of software engineers on the internet. Whether you want to work with us from month to month or invest in a quarterly package, we can have education-driven developer content ready for you to publish within 30 days.

Table of Contents

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages have no long-term commitment and are a great way to consistently publish great content for developers. Regardless of the package that's best for you, the process works the same:

In the first month of any package, we start with an onboarding call to discuss your content goals and strategy. You can provide us with samples of articles you are inspired by if you like. We'll also begin to develop your brand voice and style. If you prefer, we can complete this process over email.

Second, we sign a monthly agreement that outlines what you can expect from us. After this is signed, we'll issue our first invoice. This will kick off your first month!

Next, we'll propose article topics for the month, clustered around high-level concepts that align with your content strategy. We'll iterate until you're happy with the plan, then we'll get started with production. This step usually takes about a week.

Finally, we'll produce the articles with our writing team and deliver them to you as they're completed. We expect that you'll love the articles as written, but we allow for 1 round of revisions on each article so we can be sure that we align with your voice and style. As each article is delivered, just let us know within a week if you'd like changes.

Starter Plan

Our Starter Plan offers 2 articles each month. Alongside each article, we'll deliver 4 short text posts for social promotion.

We'll do an initial onboarding call for content strategy in the first month, and complete content planning over email for subsequent months. We'll keep you completely in the loop with weekly update emails so you can track progress and easily deliver feedback.

Here's the highlights from the Starter Plan:

  • 2 articles per month
  • One content strategy call for onboarding in the first month
  • Weekly update emails so you can track progress and provide feedback
  • 4 short social posts (great for X and LinkedIn) created from each article

Scale Plan

Our Scale Plan offers 4 articles each month with 8 short social posts for each article.

The Scale Plan offers twice-monthly check-in calls (at your discretion) to ensure we stay aligned with your content goals and continue to plan ongoing strategy. We'll also send weekly update emails.

We recognize the value of building your leadership's brand alongside the company brand, so this plan includes building a custom ghostwriting executive voice based on writing samples or interviews with your leadership.

Here are the highlights from the Scale Plan:

  • 4 articles per month clustered around a given topic, 8 short text posts (great for LinkedIn and X) from each article
  • Weekly update emails and twice-monthly check-in calls (at your discretion)
  • Custom ghostwritten brand voice based on samples or interviews with your leadership
  • Content strategy and topic selection made easy

Premium Quarterly Package

If you know up-front that you want a higher volume of content, the premium quarterly package might provide the most value. At the beginning of the three-month engagement, we'll sign a statement of work and begin onboarding right away.

Because we can plan for a higher volume of content, onboarding and content planning for the quarterly package is more involved. We'll develop several content clusters based on our research and understanding of your strategy, and propose article topics for each cluster for your approval.

After you're happy with the clusters, topics, and brand voice, we'll propose outlines for each article. Once you're happy with the outline, we'll issue our first invoice and begin production immediately. This onboarding process takes about two weeks.

Just like with the monthly packages, we expect that you'll love the articles as written, but allow for revisions. In the quarterly package, we allow for 2 rounds of revisions on each article with a two-week window to request revisions.

Throughout the quarter, we'll deliver articles as they're completed. We'll send you weekly check-in emails with twice-monthly alignment calls to make sure we're moving in the right direction.

The quarterly package also includes a custom ghostwritten brand voice, just like the Scale Plan.

We'll work with you to build a quarterly package that's best for your needs, depending on how many articles you need and of what type.

What's Right for Your Business

If you're ready to consistently publish technical content that educates developers and build trust for your business, we'd love to hear from you. Our writers are all practicing software engineers, and we have the experience to get it right.

Not sure what option is right for you? We're happy to do a free consulting call to discover the best option for your goals. Just reach out today!